Our Planning First® Approach

At Rockwater Wealth Management, our goal is to simplify the retirement planning process, by taking a goal-oriented approach to financial planning with an emphasis on building life-long client relationships.

Our motto is Planning First®, because we believe products offered in the financial services industry are simply a means to an end, so if there isn’t a goal attached to a product, you probably shouldn’t own it.

The objective of our Planning First® approach is to keep the focus on the Financial Plan and not the product. We focus on the things we can control and ignore the rest of the noise. We want to get to know you on a level that extends beyond the relevant facts to your financial plan, and understand the "why" behind your goals, so that you will have just as much conviction in your plan as we do.

The Planning First® approach works like this:

We start with a Discovery Interview – this is where you tell us your story, and we collect the important facts relevant to working towards your goals, while learning more about you.

Next, we put everything in writing and review it together. This is called the Discovery Paper – in this step, we put our understanding of the relevant facts into a comprehensive report. We review this report together to ensure we are all on the same page.

From here, we develop a Strategy Paper, where we outline all of our recommendations based on your goals and prioritize how the financial plan will be implemented. The most important part of this stage is that the strategy is consistent with YOUR vision.

The final stage is Plan Management – This stage involves meeting regularly to make sure your financial plan is on-track. We also use this time as an opportunity to address any changes to your plan and further develop our relationship.